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Try Sendlinks

Sneak preview of Sendlinks’ control panel

I make several products. Sendlinks lets you send any URL to any person’s cell phone and track it. Vostimonial lets you record a testimonial like the one below. Please click here to see a sample end user page

The rest of this page is a demo of Vostimonial capturing feedback after a conference.

We asked the attendees and sponsors of TwilioCon 2012 to share what made this event most valuable to them and why they will return next year.

Tonight we added a lot more features and converted the product to a REST API.

Do customers say nice things to you or your staff in-person but then you have trouble getting them to write you a review?

Vostimonial™ lets you collect positive testimonials from your existing customers at the point of sale.

DEMO: text your phone number to 415-639-9409 to share your thoughts about our website

How it works

  • You text to Vostimonial the customer’s cell phone number while they are still talking to you in-person
  • Vostimonial calls the number and records the customer’s voice response
  • Vostimonial publishes audio testimonial on your website, Facebook, and everywhere else you desire. You can optionally approve new testimonials and delay publication.


  • The business owner knows every premium customer’s cell phone number
  • Massive reputation gain
  • Indirectly influence large numbers of positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Places, Facebook Places and so on…

How you can help

Let me know if you can introduce me to owners of moving companies, plumbing companies, gardening, electricians, and other contractors and tradespeople.

This will also work amazingly well for event organizers to get attendee feedback from a large number of people simultaneously. We support multiple authorized users per account.

Tap this on your mobile device (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

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